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Tradition, Inspired

At Milo fresh means seasonal. So our menus evolve throughout the year, ensuring simplicity and farm-to-table quality whether it’s January or July. But, like our golden, butter-rich biscuits that started it all, some things never change. We believe in homemade—from our jams, savory sauces and slaws, to our smoked Gouda grits and Nashville-inspired hot chicken. Brunch to dinner, our food combines time-honored traditions with big flavors to create a memorable dining experience unlike any other in Waco. 

Meet Corey

Georgia-bred and Nashville-trained, executive chef Corey McEntyre’s southern roots, easy hospitality and love of adventurous eating have culminated in Milo All Day. Inspired by his own “food memories” and colorful combinations of flavor, his dishes are vivid stories written in the kitchen. In a space as welcoming and laid back as he is, Corey has cultivated a gathering place to enjoy great food and even better conversation every day of the week.