Confession: Waco was never my dream location. Before Lauren and I became Wacoans, we held a life we loved in Nashville, Tennessee, where I cut my teeth in the culinary world. But family ties brought us to Texas. The Lonestar State has a lot to offer, and we were exploring different places to plant our roots. We began looking at lively cities like Dallas and Austin – Places fueled by unique people and good food. During trips up and down 1-35 we found ourselves stopping through Lauren’s college town: Waco. During one of our pitstops I was suckered into attending a local event where I began chatting with a really nice lady about our mutual love for biscuits.  

She introduced herself as Joanna, and went on to tell me all about the growing city of Waco and the dreams she had for her beloved hometown. At the time, I had no idea who Joanna Gaines was or how famous she would become, but I was hooked. My wife felt it too: Waco is where we wanted to be. Although my vision for Milo All Day was just beginning to form, I knew that no matter what, I wanted to make really good biscuits and really good jam.